A warm Namaste from the Land of the Himalayas - Nepal!

'Mountains give you joy unknown to other places…' and we are willing to share, show and give you an experience of not just the joy of seeing and experiencing the Himalayas, but to make your trip one of the best memorable holidays.

Planning an adventure vacation or a leisure holiday or a trip with your family or friends takes time, effort and budgeting for resources. We at Khempalung Adventure realize the effort that goes to planning your holiday, hence when traveling with us we assure you the very best of services to make sure you get back every bit of what you expected from your holiday and more.

Come and explore the mighty and magical Himalayas, the vibrant and colorful cultures, our warm hospitality and take back with you a wonderful memory that you will cherish a life time.

Ashim Pradhan

Ashim PradhanAshim Pradhan (Director) is a Trek and Tour professional and an entreprenuer who has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for over a decade. He has extensive field experience having organized and led groups of different nationalities to trek & tour Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Ashim has led adventure trips to Mustang, the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna region and Kanchenjunga in Nepal, various tours to Bhutan and India, and done motorcycle tours in Nepal and Tibet. He also organizes trips for students designed for purposes of education and social service.

Ashim offers advice and helps design customized trips that suit the requirement of clients to help plan their own memorable holidays. With his amicable disposition and ‘can do’ attitude Ashim helps add that personal touch to make your holiday special.

Dawa Jamba Sherpa

Dawa Jamba SherpaDawa Jamba Sherpa (Operations Director) is from the Makalu region of the Himalayan terrains of Nepal. Sherpas are famous and renowned for climbing the Himalayas, and Dawa is no exception. At a young age he has summited Mt. Everest thrice and climbed over 15 peaks, all above 5500 meters in different regions of Nepal.

He has led treks & tours in various parts of Nepal, India (Darjeeling & Sikkim), Bhutan & Tibet. He knows the hills and trails of Nepal, the mountains, the plateaus of Tibet, the diversity of the plains and hills of India like the back of his hands having climbed, walked, trekked, toured and trailed these exotic paths. He brings an experience of over 2 decades in this trade.

Mingma Dukpa Sherpa

Mingma Dukpa SherpaMingma Dukpa Sherpa is by all means a trekker, a mountaineer more so an adventurer.  Born in the mountainous region of Sankhuwa Sabha district of Nepal. He started his career in trekking at an early age of 17. He started as a porter and gradually climbed up to becoming a Sherpa (assistant guide) on treks. However his true calling was for climbing the high, massif Himalayas.

He has reached the summits of numerous peaks in Nepal and some of the feats worth mentioning are as follows:

  1. Mt. Everest (8,848m) - reached the top 5 times
  2. Mt. Choyu (8,201m) - reached the summit twice
  3. Mt. Amadablum (6,182m) - reached the summit once
  4. Tukuche Himal (6,920m) - summited twice
  5. Putha Hiuchuli (7,246m) - reached the top once

A professional mountaineer, Mingma Dukpa Sherpa is an invaluable member of Khempalung Adventure, giving his feedback and his experience in making itineraries to make our trips among the best available in Nepal.

Lakpa Tashi Sherpa

Lakpa Tashi SherpaAnother member of our team is Lakpa Tashi Sherpa. He started his career as a trekker trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. Recently he has started to climb mountains and in the last three years has summited Everest once, Choyu twice and numerous peaks above 6,000m.

Recently, he has reached the summit of Mt. Makalu and has been actively doing his mountaineering training with different institutions in Nepal.

Gopal Tamang

Gopal TamangGopal Tamang is from Lukla, the gate way to the Everest Base Camp trek. He has been trekking in the Himalayan ranges of Nepal for over 15 years. He started his career as a porter and at present he leads trips in all the Himalayan ranges. Crossing high passes in the Everest region which is above 5,500m in altitude, trekking in the high altitude regions of Mustang and Annapurna with clients of different nationalities are all in his stride.

Having a very easy going attitude, knowledgeable about the mountains and the local communities, makes him one valued member of Khempalung Adventure.

Amit Pradhan

Amit Pradhan is an adviser in Khempalung Sherpa Adventure. With a career span of over a decade, Amit Pradhan has experiences with print media and international development organizations like APCA Nepal (The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post), IUCN Nepal and Centre for inclusive Growth.

With a strong background and understanding of media and experience in the development sector, his core expertise lies in straitening and implementing various communications and outreach strategies, in addition to corporate branding and public relations. In addition, he has researched, written, copy edited and proofread legion of articles and publications as well as designed numerous publications and websites.

He has recently completed his Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Purbanchal University, Nepal, and also holds a graduate degree in Commerce from North Bengal University, India, coupled with a diploma in Systems Management from APTECH, India and E-Commerce from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), India.

Navraj Pradhan

Navraj Pradhan is an adviser in Khempalung Adventure. He is at present a researcher working as an Ecosystem Adaptation Analyst with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development - ICIMOD, a regional intergovernmental research organization, headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal.

His professional work experience in Australia and South Asia include, work on climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, incentive-based mechanisms, environmental impact assessments, and corporate social responsibility. His practical experience in the field includes, working with diverse rural communities on a range of current community-based adaptation issues. His research interests are to understand local issues related to climate change, conduct valuation of ecosystem services, and address these issues so that it can be mainstreamed into local and national development plans.

Navraj holds a Master's degree in Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

He is also an avid trekker and photographer, capturing landscapes and its people. His support to us will be by informing and disseminating knowledge to locals and visitors, on changing landscapes of the Himalayas trusted by climatic and non-climatic changes, and to understand the impacts of these changes on ecosystems in the mountain regions, which will add value to our trips.

Rewat Bir Tuladhar

Rewat Bir Tuladhar (Marketing Head) is an adventurer and a traveller.  Growing up he trekked in the hills of Darjeeling. As the bug for adventure and extreme adventure grew he started with MMA and Parkour . Later moved on to skydiving, skiing and surfing. Having travelled to different parts of the world in search of  adventure, he is apt person to be in our Adventure family.  Rewat handles our business development side mainly for our India market.