Who We Are?

Khempalung Adventure

An adventure travel company established in 2014 specializing in trekking, mountaineering expeditions, wildlife excursions and cultural tours to the Himalayan range that fringes Nepal and Bhutan. And also organizing educational trips for students.

Till date Khempalung Adventure has organized treks, expeditions and tours for over 2000 clients from all over the world. Aspire to contribute to environmental sustainability, strengthen local ecosystems and livelihoods of indigenous communities as a local organisation. We are always seeking innovation and learning to ensure high quality service standards. 

The name ‘Khempalung’ is inspired by a holy cave of the same name in the Sankhuwasabha district (close to Makalu National Park) in Eastern Nepal. In the Tibetan language ‘Khempalung’ means the ‘hidden cave’. The spiritual belief is Guru Padmasambhava meditated in this cave, which was hidden from the rest of the world. Myth holds that when famine and disease hit the world ‘Khempalung’ shall be revealed, and will be the only place on earth where natural medicines, food and water will be available to save human race from extinction.

Your Travel Companion in The Himalayas... Khempalung Adventure's Back Bone...

Embodying the natural spirit of Nepalese hospitality, Khempalung Adventures is a team of enthusiastic and experienced travel personnel who will make your trip to Nepal all the more memorable, enjoyable, and comfortable.

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