Travel Insurance


We encourage all our clients to get insurance that covers both medical evacuation and travel protection including air evacuation. Trekking and expedition may involve risks and several other factors that cannot be foretold. Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS), medical emergencies, natural calamities are common in high altitudes and we like to be assured that our clients are insured against helicopter evacuations, trip cancellations, and personal accidents. Considering these factors, it’s better to be prepared for the possibilities that may occur.

These rescue operations and the subsequent medical treatments are expensive, and travelers will have to pay out of pocket for these treatments if they do not get insurance coverage

Nepal Government act does not allow any foreign nationals to purchase insurance in Nepal. Foreigners planning to travel to Nepal must be sure to take out the right insurance policy for the activities they will be doing – factoring in altitude and remoteness in their own country. Some also choose to add more traditional components of travel insurance to their policy, such as coverage for lost luggage and cancelled flights. 

Please leave a copy of the document with contact person’s name with us so that we can coordinate with the Insurance company in case of emergency.

It’s important to note that Khempalung Adventure Trekking (P) Ltd. will / shall not bear any losses or provide compensation in case the guest’s insurance doesn’t cover any or all aspects of the trip.

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